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Too Pretty Crochet Basket free crochet pattern

Posted By beki     January 25, 2019     789 views    
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The next time you host a brunch or baby shower, don't buy a premade basket. Instead, crochet a basket as a way to make the event that much more special. With the Too Pretty Crochet Basket, you can create a handmade item that's the right size for candy or party favors. The crochet basket pattern is also easy to follow, so you could create additional baskets for your own use. Customize this pretty crochet basket with an assortment of embellishments, including ribbons, appliques, or other decorations. Guests will love taking home a pretty handmade item after the party!

Materials List

  • Cotton yarn (blogger noted most weights should work)
  • A hook size that is appropriate for your choice of yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Spray starch


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